Mini Trash Bin for Car

The perfect accessory to a decluttered car interior

If you love long trips, you may know there’s nothing as good as a bunch of tasty snacks. But it can quickly mess up your vehicle and lead to an accumulation of dirt that you must dispose of before it finds its way into the center console or glove compartment. 

While you can stash the trash in a plastic bag, it usually generates complaints after ending up under your passenger’s feet. Besides, tossing your trash out of the window as shown below is a no-no. 

If you’re wondering how to keep your car tidy during your next road trip, we have the perfect solution.

Our waterproof car trash bin doesn’t fill up quickly as it has a two-gallon capacity, a size that allows you to drive long before worrying about finding a roadside litter can. 

It’s also equipped with a waterproof, leakproof interior that prevents sticky juice can leftovers from leaking onto your vehicle’s interior.

If you’re looking for a mini trash bin for your car, add this product to your shopping list. It’s compact enough and doesn’t occupy a lot of space. This car trash can with a lid prevents items from falling out as it gets filled up and also prevents passers-by from looking at what’s inside. 

Waterproof car trash bin features

Some amazing features of our small trash can for a car include:

There’s also an elastic opening that makes it easy and quick to dispose of trash without worrying that litter will fall back out. It also has stiffened sides to ensure it stays upright and an adjustable strap to allow you to hang it in convenient locations like the glove box door, center console, or front seat headrest. 

The included elastic strap helps you hold the can in position if you choose to hang it from your front-seat headrest. Additionally, our car trash can for the front seat has three mesh exterior pockets for storing small items such as hand wipes, disposable face masks, or tissues.

While this car trash can with clips has a waterproof inner lining, you can use the side clips of this cute car trash can to fix a plastic bag securely if you wish to line your can with the bag for easier cleanup and disposal. In addition, you can use our car trash bin as a cooler

Just tuck in a few drink bottles or cans with ice to keep the drinks chilled for a picnic or road trip. When litter is not an issue, you can use this item as a car organizer or fold it up and store it away until your next trip. 

This car trash bin organizer also has a lid that prevents items from falling out as it gets full and a cinched opening for easy access. Declutter your car and keep it neat with our mini trash can for a car.

What to consider when shopping for the best car trash can

Just like a home, your vehicle is a living space that also needs to be kept tidy. But for you to do that you need a good car trash can. Below are the things you need to pay attention to when searching for the best car trash bin.

Car trash can type

There are three types of car trash cans:

We’ll focus on hanging car trash bins since that’s what we offer. The majority of the car trash bins available in the market are of this type because of a vehicle’s unique interior design. 

These trash bins are a favorite for most car owners because they offer a variety of mounting options as shown below. They allow you to find the most convenient set up for you. You can install them effortlessly on the driver’s back seat or the passenger’s back seat. 

You can also use our cute car trash can at home, in the office, or bring it along on your picnic adventure to keep the environment clean.

The most interesting thing about these car trash bins is that they don’t interfere with your driving and are easy to reach. They also have adjustable straps you can fasten around your headrest. 


Before buying a car bin trash can, consider the amount of litter you accumulate. You should purchase the right size trash bin to meet your needs depending on the number of occupants in your car. 

Our cute car trash can has a two-gallon capacity, allowing you to drive longer before looking for a roadside trash bin to empty.  


It’s important to choose a trash bin that’s highly leak-proof and waterproof. Our mini trash bin for a car is designed with waterproof materials and a built-in vinyl liner to help reduce the damage from accidental spills. 

Leaks make items sticky, wet, and smelly. So buying a waterproof car trash bin is a must, especially if you allow drinks and other liquids in your car. The leak-proof and waterproof interior lining also helps you wash your mini trash can for a car efficiently and quickly. 

Our car trash can with clips also allows you to line it with a plastic bag for easy-clean interiors. You can use the clips located on the outside to fasten the bag’s handles, especially if you don’t like touching the accumulated garbage.

Stitching and material quality

Ideally, you should invest in a durable car trash can. Our car trash bin organizer is built with sturdy materials to ensure you get the most out of it. 

This car trash bin withstands regular clean-up and also holds up to daily use. You don’t have to worry about it coming undone after a few days of usage. 


We love trash bins with lids, and we’re sure you also do. Our car trash can with a rubber opening lid keeps unsightly litter hidden away until you can dispose of it and helps contain bad smells. 

The rubber opening lid and velcro seal is very practical and convenient as it allows you to take items without lifting the lid. Besides, the lid hides litter and looks elegant, right? Nothing says “garbage” louder than piles of accumulated dirt and food leftovers.


You can’t ignore looks. Some car owners prefer car trash cans that blend well with their car’s interior design, including upholsteries. Others get creative and look for a trash bin that adds a pop of color to their vehicle. 

Whatever your personal preference is, our car trash can for the front seat will match your vehicle’s interiors. Check out these beautiful photos.

Outside pockets

When looking for a car trash can, select one with external pockets. Our small trash can for a car has outside pockets for keeping small items such as gadgets and toys.

You can also use the external pockets to store hand wipes or a few clean napkins, especially if you usually eat on the go.


Installing our waterproof car trash bin is simple. Just adjust the strap and splice the buckle as illustrated below.

Order your car trash bin organizer today!


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