Multipurpose Car Back Seat Organizer

The perfect accessory to a neat back seat 

Car back seat organizers are a must-have car accessory as they provide storage space and help you relax during long driving hours. One of the most challenging things to do during long drives is to position your phone or tablet upright if you’re watching some movie series or video to pass the time. 

What if we told you we have an item that can solve all these problems?

If you love refined taste, you’ll like our extra-large back seat organizer for the car. It blends well into car upholstery and exhibits a subtle look. It also features 10 pockets, each for different items as shown below.

This heavy-duty car back seat organizer comes with a touch screen tablet holder to transform your driving experience. The holder supports devices up to 7.9 inches high. There are also two pockets located on the left and right of the tablet holder for hanging toys.

Our car back seat storage bag is also equipped with one slip pocket sandwiched between two more pockets (for refreshments and water bottles) where you can store things like sunglasses, crayons, coloring books, and pens.

Lastly, there are two large mesh pockets for snacks and headphones. This is one of the best back seat car organizers available in the market as it provides a lot of storage space compared to what most high-end back seat organizers offer. 

Car back seat organizer features

Below are some incredible features of this auto car back seat storage organizer:

One good thing about our black, elegant organizer is that once attached, it stays in place and covers your entire front seat, protecting it from scuff marks, scratches, spills, and other stains. 

Additionally, it has adjustable top and bottom buckle straps to help you tighten hard the back seat organizer to your car seat.

Equip your car with this multi-purpose car back seat organizer to make things like watching videos and changing to home theatre in seconds possible for passenger seat occupants.

Note for families with children

We know traveling can feel unpredictable when you have young kids. Small children are usually vulnerable to hunger, boredom, and other unexpected needs on long car rides. Fortunately, our car back seat organizer is a lifesaver.

The organizer offers you and your children maximum convenience. You can keep drinks and snacks when they want to eat or store toys and books if they want entertainment. Your kids can also use the tablet pocket for hands-free viewing if they have a tablet.

What to consider when shopping for the best back seat car organizer

A good car back seat organizer can help you enjoy your next car trip. It will help you prevent cluttering up your car and find what your need quickly. Below are the things you should consider when shopping for one.

Back seat organizer type

There are two types of back seat organizers; middle seat organizer and hanging back seat organizer. We’ll look at the second organizer since that’s what we offer. A hanging car organizer can be attached to the back of either the passenger’s or driver’s seat.

This allows easy access for adults and children sitting behind it. These organizers attach to the car seat with clipping straps that go around the bottom of the front seat and headrest.

Number and type of pockets

Some back seat organizers for cars are more spacious than others. Our multipurpose car back seat organizer has more pockets that vary in size. The pockets include velcro for closing the compartments and are made of mesh.

One of the pockets has a thin transparent material for displaying electronic devices such as tablets. The material allows for touch screen interaction and clear viewing. It also protects the tablet from grime and dirt. This pocket is useful for young children as it keeps them occupied during long trips. 


Not all car back seat organizers have the same features. When searching for a good organizer, go for one with essential features such as several pockets. Our car back seat storage bag has pockets for different items like water bottles, crayons, and notebooks. 

It also has pockets for toys, snacks, and viewing electronic devices. One good thing about our car back seat organizer is that you can turn it into a backpack for portability.


Back seat organizers for cars are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why it’s important to consider the items you want to keep in the seat organizer before purchasing. Our car back seat organizer is longer and wider than others, allowing you to keep more items.

We understand that some auto car back seat storage organizers stretch across the entire surface area while others are smaller than the back seat. Our back seat organizer solves these issues and doesn’t inhibit leg space. 

Kick mats

If you have young kids, you may want to buy our car back seat storage bag as it doubles as a kick mat. This is essential because there are things that are more aggravating while behind the wheel than having a kid kick the back of your seat.

Although a kick mat doesn’t prevent children from fluttering their feet, it keeps your seat from getting scuffed or dirty.


The strength of a back seat organizer is crucial if you’ll be storing heavy objects such as water bottles and a tablet. Our organizer is sturdy as it has reinforced stitching for maximum durability.

Durability is essential because you don’t want an organizer that will rip apart at the seams after a few months of usage. 


Installing our back seat organizer for cars is a breeze. Just fix the top strap around the headrest and the bottom strap at the front seat as shown below.

Order your back seat organizer for car today!


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